Nada Surf: Are They Lightning? why yes, they are.

I love the Starbuck’s Stage, and will always love it, because there I saw Nada Surf. I am happy they weren’t the mainstage show.

This is the Starbuck's Stage; There They Played.

This is the Starbuck's Stage; There They Played.

This was so close, so tight, so intimate. We swayed to Inside of Love. They always perform above and beyond, always. Sweep you in they do. The band has charisma pouring out of their charming smiles. Daniel Lorca was out of commission with a bad knee or something. I missed his dreds, but the bassist was still superb.

I met them afterwards. The John Travolta Mullet was behind us in line. Which was not large considering. I would have waited if all the bumbershoots of Bumbershoot had come – which I thought was likely.

Matthew Caws (Nada Surf surfer-blond lead): “Hi, I’m Matthew.”

Molly: “Matthew – it’s so nice to meet you. My name is Molly. Blah blah blah blah bleh.”

He did. He – Matthew – signed my arm with an inky black pen. He signs his name like a little boy. No last name, just “Matthew” with an exclamation mark, like this: Matthew! Because his name is exciting. It is washed off of my arm. It is still etched on my heart.

Ira Elliott (drummer): “I’m Ira.”

Molly: “Ira. I’m Molly. Bleh bleh bleh.”

Ira: “I’ve signed two breasts today. That’s when you know you’ve risen to a new level of weirdness.”

Molly: “Arm will be just fine.”

Ira: “I’ll make this so black and so inky that it never comes off. Never wash it. Ever. Ever.”

I did wash it. I have to be sanitary. It’s part of me. But his name is still there inked on somewhere. I feel it inside of me.

We got a picture.

Ira: “Shall we stand boy-girl, boy-girl?” he was Danny Kaye from White Christmas, stunning – “With you in the middle” he closed – my heart was in my mouth.

We took the picture. The camera wasn’t used to such iffy lighting. It captured me with two faces: one looked at Ira. One looked at Matthew. Both grinned like fools.

hils - IRA - molly - MATTHEW - chuck

hils - IRA - molly - MATTHEW - chuck

Rachel: “Are you gonna stay around for a while and see Seattle? Get some rest after the concert?”

Matthew, charming smile: “We’re playing for a Nike race in the morning. Free shoes.”

The End.

P.S. the picture is currently in the black hole of hilary’s camera. the camera cord is lost. it is still imprinted on my heart.

I feel it, rally I do, rally.

I feel it, rally I do, rally.



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4 responses to “Nada Surf: Are They Lightning? why yes, they are.

  1. Rachel

    Molly- thank you for staying up so late writing this. You recorded our experience so beautifully and perfectly; seriously, I’m shaking with excitement right now. Can’t express what I feel. I know you understand. You always do. My heart screams colors. Love is frightning.

  2. violetskye

    it’s like the song by Stars: “when there’s nothing left to burn you have to set your heart on fire.” love is like that. you are on fire and beautiful and your beautiful note is singing. thank you my friend!

  3. If you want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn msn to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

    • violetskye

      mucho gracias! yes, yes, this is more of a personal experience than a prof review so it is missing a few things. haha, hate to say it – but you had to be there.

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