Oh Bumbershoot Oh Bumbershoot: Some Beautiful Notes Rather Notes from a Beautiful Weekend

Bumbershoot: bumber- (alteration of umbr- in umbrella) + -shoot (alteration of -chute in parachute). Britishicism. Circa 1896.

There is no better way on earth to spend Labor Day Weekend than sunning beneath the spinnet of the Space Needle in down-town Seattle, milling between the band stands and Indie Market, if you are a people-watcher and love music and everything else cool, that is. The people were out in full force. They were beautiful to see. A fashion show of indie/emo/hippie/folksy/weirdo/urban-chic/creeper-perv/Sunday-walkers paraded down the walks and through the market. There were plenty of intriguing tattoos, a number of hats, show-stopping (sometimes literally) dances among the crowd, and a great number of stunning mullets. We were even caught in a crowd of jittering prepster couples straight out of Back from the Future listening to SuperChunk. It ranked in my most-dangerous moments of 2008. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch a picture of my favorite mullet. He looked like John Travolta in Michael. Like Nada Surf says, it was totally weeeeyird.

some random heads.

crowd-surfing: some random heads.

But I got a free hug while listening to Paramore.

My gyro exploded while listening to T.I.

I stalked Sondre Lerche (you can pronounce his name, “Sondre Lerke, Sondre Lerche? I don’t know – however you want to,” he introduced himself) because I couldn’t stay to meet him after his performance because I was dodging through the crowd racing to the mosh pit that was ready to adore Death Cab. I didn’t meet him, but his performance rocked.

a positive rrringer.

this is the little Norwegian himself: a positive rrringer.

I almost died of a heart-attack because I had to sneak back through an exit ramp to get my hand stamped (yes, I forgot to do that little thing – though I did have the tick originally. Bad me.) so I could re-enter the Main Stage in time to see Death Cab.

my preciousss mainstage pass for death cab

my preciousss mainstage pass for death cab

I made some totally awesome buttons in the Dell Dome, and also stepped in a puddle of Rockstar Energy Drink. That was totally weeyird too.

I heard Death Cab perform TransAtlanticism live. I’ve lived.

Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie

I rode the junior roller-coaster in the carnival.



one rockin ride

one rockin ride

The sun came out and I actually warmed up while listening to a Johnny-Casher sorta guy with gray hair at the Starbuck’s Stage.

Gurrrrrl powerrrr – Estelle: 1.) is gorgeous. 2.) has such a cute accent. 3.) has such adorable accompanists-peoples. 4.) hot-dayumm, makes a girl so proud to be a woman that even the guys are swept with her enthuse. And oh m’word, does she have the best revenge policy I have ever heard of – she writes a song after every break-up so that it’s documented, stamped, and gets raving reviews from adoring fans world-wide. now that is smart.

Death Cab does not look like their pictures. They are hairier than you think. Also: more energetic. You never think about all that running around and tossing out guitars and racing for keyboards when you are listening to a CD, but there they are, rockin their hearts out and movin a lot.

Hilary's Golden Ticket

Hilary's Golden Ticket

Barcelona: emo of my heart. These are the lads that make one happy to be alive and listening. They also have striking white sunglasses that I approve of highly. Colors is a life-defining song. It’s heartening to see guys out of college sweeping a city into their aura and go on to take the world. They’re the next-big-thing of half a minute ago, and still sweet and cute.
[N.B. This picture, too, awaits the light on hilary’s camera.]

Pacifika is also cute. They are way way waaah across the festival at the Wells-Fargo Stage, which I discovered when I was mapping out my route to get from Sondre Lerche to Death Cab in the least possible amount of time giving slack for a shoulder-to-shoulder-stacked crowd.

Jakob Dylan is hot with his sunglasses on. He looks something like a weasel. I think his music is better than his daddy’s. AND it is absolutely awesome to hear the tone of the WallFlower’s en persona.

Jakob Dylan

Jakob Dylan

The new Fall frappuccino is yummy. Try one at Starby’s TODAY.

ChesterField is more deejay electronic than I thought they would be. Still slightly darling in their bizarre Flight-of-the-Concords alien-hugging way: they wore ties and kinda school-boy wear. I rike.

This didn’t format these notes as I would have preferred. Bear with me.

hilary, rachel, sarah,

hilary, rachel, sarah,



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  4. violetskye

    hahaha, thanks guys! youre so cute that maybe I will just pick this blog up again! I was thinking I’d start a new one but I don’t know – I really can’t think of a better name for it! forgot about this page but no longer – it is my new fav.

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