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See Women Play. Hear Women Rock.

The first song was good, it was different than the usual. The second really caught you off your guard, and now that I was into the rhythm of this band, I knew to just relax and fall between the waffle-woven multi-layered textures of sound. At the end of the third song I heard Larson Hicks say in front of me, “Dude, I’m about to rip off my shirt.”
What was it that inspired Larson to bare his chest, you may ask? Women. It was Women, an experimental rock band that is actually four men from Calgary, Alberta who thought it would be cute to form a Velvet-Underground reminiscent art-rock band and call themselves Women.
[QUESTION: is it still “experimental-rock” if it’s retro? really, you tell me.]

Women on stage at the Nuart Theatre

Women on stage at the Nuart Theatre

They’re right at the tail end of their American tour, and about to head to Europe after appearing on CMJ for 10 shows and being featured repeatedly on Pitchfork Media. Not bad for a group that produced their first album, also called Women, on tape recorders in a basement with their buddy Chad VanGaalen.
Matt Flegel

Matt Flegel

Pat and Matt Flegel are brothers who play guitar and bass, respectively.
Pat Flegel

Pat Flegel

Enter best friends Mike Wallace and Chris Reimer somewhere in early middle school; Mike beats drums, with an occasional tambourine, and Chris plays guitar. Now, some years later, Matt Flegel has quite the bush ahem beard and you have a quartet of guys who still love to play around with their voices and instruments, but this time like grown ups – stroking, cuddling, picking, strumming, hitting, tapping, playing with sound until they produce some unreal vibes that could only come out of the Velvet Underground or a basement somewhere in the middle of Alberta. They use voices like instruments joining in the throng of sound. Thick, heavy, totally mad, – which I can say like Jack Kerouac because Women is totally retro of smoky nights of hookah and psychedic shrooming in the late 60s. I’ve had it from Matt Flegel that this is even on purpose and that he’d be just fine if you compared them to Sonic Youth.
Mike and Chris.  sorry it's dark.  it's cozy.  this is the shot they wanted me to use.

Mike and Chris. sorry it's dark. it's cozy. this is the shot they wanted me to use.

Unlike women, they are dead pyromaniacs. Their favorite thing is to light bottle rockets in the middle of the night and to set off Black Cats in beer bottles, a habit they picked up in Cheyenne, Wy., where there wasn’t too much else going on and, being resourceful, Women made their own fun. dude give those boys a lighter and just watch them go. But Black Cats make a nice tight boom in the beer can; the explosion of beerfoam looks real pretty and smells kinda nice. It’s a satisfying hilarious “pouf” pop! somewhat hysterical totally crazy and thus a little like their music. Mad, eh?
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