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vote for a president, pledge for a download

du politique
this year, since it is those first-time voters – the notoriously disillusioned and apathetic – who will make the big diff and swing the election, almost every group you can name from the black eyed peas to neko case has a fav candidate that they are singing for to encourage you first-timer voters to drop that apathy, swing your state and make your diff. or maybe, since it’s my 1st vote too, I’m just more aware of the perks. i am impressed most by the ones like ben gibbard and jack johnson ( there are more, just look) who are saying just to get out there and punch your heart out and give that form your all no matter who you, or they, are voting for; but besides putting your favorite face into the posish with your vote, you can even get a free download from wilco with the fleet foxes to encourage you to pledge your best

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Heavy Metal and Myth: let your mind ramble on…

Bilbo and pipe

Bilbo and pipe

it’s common knowledge that tolkien influenced led zeppelin, but did you ever think of exactly what that meant? that means that j.r.r. tolkien radicalized the entire music WORLD of TODAY. stairway to heaven to pretty-much-any-guitar-player-you-can-name (even nada surf!). there’s rock, and there’s progg, and there’s alternative, and there’s classic, and there’s surf, and there’s hard, and there’s rock, and there’s heavy metal, and there’s new age. enya and tolkien and the entire slough of massage-spa melodies. epic soundtracks, the new classical, howard shore and john williams and world-overturning patriot-shooting background drums. verra verra different, but all from the same root. I just explored tolkien’s musical influence in a term paper and learned all about the 21st c music evolution. the road goes ever on and on…


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