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Far, Far Away: Ingrid Michaelson on the Starbuck’s Stage

Ingrid Michaelson was spectac. She’s so cute – and so nerdy: I love her. She is charming. I got a picture of her. She hasn’t quite gotten the handle of being a star yet; she was pretty nervous. I think Ingrid grew up alone and out of the world and read a lot of Serendepity books (remember those) and owned my little ponies and other magical creatures to play with. She got into college and learned a few life-lessons and other important things about herself and other selves and how things work and how birds and bees behave, and now she can’t stop talking about them. That’s my theory. Once she calms down and gets

ingrid has a nice head for hats.

ingrid has a nice head for hats.

a bit of self-confidence, she’ll be a peach. Far, Far Away is beautiful.


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