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The Shoemaker Brothers

Q. Cat: “The Shoebox Brothers?”

Once upon a time, four brothers grew up roaming the hills and woods of Washington, listening to the sounds of nature and making music in the open air. Now, all growed up and tall, they’re undergrads at Wazoo and makin music everywhere they can. The Shoemaker Brothers are: Samuel (who has already served in Iraq twice with the Marines, woohoo for the Forces and men in uniform), Nathanael, Daniel and Gabe.

Dan, Sam and Nat on the strings

Dan, Sam and Nat on the strings

They play violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, mandolin, piano, djembe, football, shot putt and prolly anything else they can find like banshees, and they “sing like angels,” as their band site says. I’m not sure if they sing like angels, but they sound pretty demm good for boys who talk like football players and I was excited to hear when they played at Bucer’s recently that they have a whole new cast of fun shtuff along with their older material (all of which they compose collaboratively). Apparently inspired by their summer booze ahem wine tour through Napa Valley, they’ve got new Indo-Eastern sort of strumming going on with their uus intricate folk melodies. You should definitely stop by the next time they’re at Rico’s or in Moscow for a good douse of indie-folk.


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