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Musee Mecanique

Oh the joys of the age of modernity that was. Sean Ogilvie and Micah Rabwin of Musee Mecanique are touring with Laura Gibson, and I talked to them after their Friday night performance. It was about 1 a.m. in the morning, we were all slightly sleepy, I was slightly hypnotized, and their music still has me entranced. This is what you play to make a rabid cobra nuzzle your hand like a kitty. Look out for my article/iview on Stereopathic

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The watery blue indie jazz of Jubilee began in Seattle with Steve Harden’s love for drums and wee-hour talks about life-stuff. “One of our conclusions was that, regardless of what art is, [the artist] gains a voice,” Harden told me, “that’s part and parcel to the whole thing.” Jubilee was started with the self-conscious purpose of sayin’ somethin’ good and fighting slavery.
Steve elaborated that “slavery exists in a lot of different forms whether its people forced to work in a brick factory or a chocolate cocoa farms or a rice mill, whatever, you find it all over the place. You find it in the United States – there’s over 150,000 slaves in the United States. These are people who are told that if you don’t work for us, we will kill you or we will beat you, or we will hurt your families.” Jubilee, officially registered as a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization, gives 50% of all proceedings to helping these victims, and their Myspace

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